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Interior Fitout Tips for decorating small rooms

In recent years many apartments have been built in all cities, however increasingly smaller due to the high housing demand.

The apartments now have less space so you have to be very creative to match the dimensions of the room. The key to decorate these rooms is to use light colors on walls to make it look larger. Equally useful are the mirrors and bright lighting.

Thereby if you have a small apartment you should make good use of space. Furniture distribution in space is very important.

It is advisable to use rectangular or modular designs to separate areas within the same room. It is also very useful to use large furniture to maximize the height of the apartment but do not use a lot because the area will be messy.

Given the limited space will be very useful use furniture for storage, especially those who are placed in the corners of the room. Buy furniture with materials like glass, and having as wood or metal base.

On the walls as well as using light colors, place small pictures for the walls looks bigger. Avoid charging the space with vases, candlesticks and lamps.

Also use ceiling to floor curtains to give a sense of height and width. Finally decorate the floor with rugs in dark colors, preferably shaped or diagonal stripes.

Do not forget that on the markets there are many magazines that can help you decorate your house. The most important thing is that you follow these tips and decorate your home according to your personality and tastes.

Arabian Style Decor

The Eastern world and its sweet and spice way of life, influences the world of decoration. We can find Eastern cafes all over in large cities where citizens discover the eastern ceremonial pipes and mint tea.

You also can have fun recreating oriental interior home, enabling a corner of the room in such situation.

Convenient and comfortable cushions, silky fabrics, stained carpets and comfortable tables, copper trays, these are the elements that are commonly used in this type of rooms.

Sitting on the floor, your friends will be surprised to see that they feel as comfortable on the floor in a sofa.

Whatever they are, whether bought in Europe or brought from a trip to Morocco, the carpets are essential to create a warm and comfortable environment.

For sit down for tea or a meal, talk with the guests or counteract with the cool ground in a warm day, the carpets are very functional and also very decorative.

But much more than a decorative element, carpets can also be significant (and expensive) elements for its motives and colors.

In Arabic decoration, the colors are the kings: Candy Pink, anise green, deep red, orange, turquoise blue, vibrant purple, fuchsia intense … the most vivid colors of the rainbow are needed in this style of decoration.

Decorate the bathroom with the Feng Shui style

The bathroom is no longer just a place to wash your hands or take bath. Currently the bathroom is very important in the home so it must be properly designed to meet the diverse functional and aesthetic goals.

The style of bathroom decor should match your tastes and preferences as well as your lifestyle and your family’s. In addition to aesthetics when decorating a bathroom is important to take into account the size, distribution of sanitary, shower and furniture.

If you are attracted to the discipline of Feng Shui then you can follow some tips for decorating your bathroom.

In Feng Shui it is more advisable to hire a professional to analyze the energy characteristics of your home and give you specific recommendations, geared for every room in your home.

However here you can see some general principles of feng shui in the decoration of bathrooms:

  1. The bathroom should never be placed in the central zone (maximum or breakeven Tai Chi), because for the Feng Shui the bathroom is traditionally consider as a room with many negative energies so it should not be located in the energetic heart of the house.
  2. It should not be beside our kitchen and it´s better that the bathroom is not placed on the entrance of the house.
  3. Keep bathroom doors closed.
  4. Permanently ensure order and cleanliness.
  5. Keep the toilet lid down, preventing odors and negative energy into our bathrooms.
  6. Ensure adequate ventilation.
How to Decorate a Bathroom Mirror

Thinking about remodeling or redecorating the bathroom, but you do not have a clear idea of ​​how to change their appearance? The answer to this mystery may be found in decorating a bathroom with mirrors.

Maybe you already have a mirror placed in the bathroom wall just above the sink, which is a classic arrangement of mirrors in this room in the house.

Now, consider the mirrors as a tool for defining a new style in the decoration of the bathroom.

The idea intends to get a more elaborate set, so to get a very attractive composition of several mirrors and allow them to completely change the aesthetics of the bathroom, adding a fresh and youthful appeal.

Mirrors are a supplement in addition to presenting an interesting utility; they are practical element in the decoration of a room.

A mirror can reflect the light entering a space and also enhance the brightness of it, which is why its use is highly recommended in smaller rooms.

Moreover, a group of mirrors -chosen and placed correctly- can give a special character to the decor of a room like a bathroom.

A bathroom which features a neutral palette can be cold and lifeless, but this can be countered if incorporated objects that add texture, movement and dynamism, as a series of mirrors with different frames, sizes and shapes vary from one another.

Thai decor

The decorative style Thai, virtually nonexistent 50 years ago, is becoming one of the most admired of the décor world.

Thai décor’s secret is the fusion between an ancient craft tradition, the elegant style of the ancient royal houses of the world and the latest ideas of Western and Japanese design.

The traditional Thai house is wooden all around, not just windows and furniture. The people sleep on the floor and cooked and ate in the street.

So you cannot say that before there was a decorative style popular Thai.

In recent years, with the influence of foreigners and tourists, Thai local designer launched one of the more interesting mergers: ornaments made of bamboo, banana leaves, woven cane, coconut bones arranged with simplicity and a transparent distribution spaces.

By taking ideas and inspiration for many designs tendencies and decorators, the “New Thai style” have not only resorted to folk art, but also to the impressive interiors of the palaces and royal buildings, decorated with rich woods, luxurious silks and elegant objects of tin, silver and bronze.

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Gardens of the best hotels and apartments in Thailand are an example of miscegenation. The presences of floating candles are drawn by the warm atmosphere conducting to water and its then, serenity.

Thai style is one of the most attractive in Asia, as well as more open to influences from abroad.

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