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Embody a decorative space is never an easy task, achieve the perfect aesthetic disposition achieving functionality and beauty in perfect harmony becomes a task for specialists,

But it can be even more difficult to achieve if we think that these spaces are intended to work.

And in fact the vast majority of people takes the highest average of their hours away from their homes, work spaces and everyday tasks related to,

It is why in this case beyond the functionality should generate an enjoyable and pleasant space where the spirit of decoration and its ability to create moods must be decisive and that just depends on the health of our employees and consequently their performance.

That is why decorators put much emphasis on combining the sterile gray structure or an assembly plant with green spaces indoor air quality by modifying, improving the sense of logical to suffer imprisonment and conditioning to a better and more efficient quality work.

In this case there is a decorating project as complex or of such magnitude, but choosing the right furniture that dress and decorate our office with the mime seeks to provide, comfort, style and modernity.

Decorate the home office

For reading, working, listening to music, painting or design, the home office is an area as important as our favorites at home.

The time spent working or coming up needs to be developed in a space that suits us all. What should you consider when deciding on the decor of your studio or home office?

Lighting is essential in this space, so it is recommended to have windows large enough to allow the passage of natural light. Artificial lighting should be good also to read or work during the night.

In style, the classic is good enough to achieve warm, wooden furniture, leather chairs and more.

If you are looking for minimalist furniture, chrome tubular glass is a good option. To achieve a modern style,

The possibilities are also numerous: there is wooden furniture that attach to the wall and they look great, and also saves space.

Decide carefully where to locate bookcases and other furniture so you do not take up space. The ornaments have a place, but you have to be careful not to get too distracted during your activities, do not abuse pictures or desktops ornaments since they hinder your performance.

The Decor Trends for summer 2020

In this trend report we tell you which, in our opinion, will be decorating trends for summer 2020. If trends evolve as is expected in the course of the year,

The following will be what you will see in the stylish decoration districts in the most glamorous cities in the world:

• Strong presence in the decoration of glare and reflective surfaces on objects and materials. Lacquered furniture and ultra-bright, glass mosaics, colored glass, doors and mirrored coatings, metallic ornaments, lighting glass and steel, plastic furniture and bright.

• The color of the season will be pink in different shades. The light colors and neutrals are imposed, but are enhanced with reflective coatings or objects, leaving the “glossy” minimalism to decor in bright colors with a touch or presence of glare.

• Expect a return to the woods.

• Again -as has occurred in recent years- technology will be part of the decoration: design televisions, projectors and multitasking computers (for watching movies, listening to music or surf the Internet) will be integrated interior design.

• The use of LED lighting takes off and begins to form part of interior design. The general lighting stands out as protagonist along with mirrored plastic screens, glass and steel, high gloss, and the market entry stage design artifacts.

Eco-chic decoration for your home

For those who love a green lifestyle there are many ideas for decorating your home with eco-chic style. You can decorate your home with a new style that inspired nature so you and your guests can sit in a natural environment. To this you should follow these tips.

First remember that furniture should be kinder to the environment. Phillip Lam is a renowned designer who presented his latest collection of furniture in a green world.

They are pieces that use colors that give an expression similar to the natural environment.

You can also decorate the walls of green, there are many different shades of green that can combine and give a very natural look to your home.

One option is to paint the walls green and put a decorative paint. The pictures on the walls can be done with recycled material and eco paints.

Use to decorate natural elements such as stones, bamboo and cork. Gaiam Bamboo is pesticide-free, economical and gives a nice look to the rooms.

At the tables you can put ornaments of stones and a candle in the center. For the main room can also use organic bedding and organic cloth quilts.

Best Interior Fit out  Contractors in Dubai Abu Dhabi 2020

Finally do not forget that a basic element of the ecological approach is the preservation of things. Do not throw away furniture or equipment,

It is preferable to reshape, re-use of things is an organic lifestyle. To achieve this you can ask for help from a carpenter who will give the furniture look like new.

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