We are specialists in interior design. With more than 10 years of experience in the market, Middle East Interiors has expanded its services to adapt to new trends and market demands.

At Dubai Interiors we will help you in:

3D computer design of what the decoration will look like.
Interior decoration, both in homes and work spaces.
Purchase, assembly and placement of furniture and decorative items.
Lighting services, lamps, and the necessary electrical installation.
Design and approach of different decoration and furniture options for your spaces.
Interior decoration is one more facet of architecture, and as such requires professional advice. Beyond choosing colors and furniture, the professional knows how to get the most out of each room, planning the decoration to provide the greatest comfort and energy appropriate to the place.

Interior design and decoration, projects and execution of works. From computer design, to the purchase and installation of furniture.

With our portfolio of sophisticated, comfortable and functional interior decoration work, Middle East Interiors has received several awards recognizing our good work in the industry.

We approach each project with an open mind, looking for the best furniture, accessories and general style to reflect the style and capabilities that the client asks of us. Founded in 2009, the studio currently has 10 professionals at its service. Decorating and furnishing your spaces is our goal.

Our young design talents will visit you to agree and discuss your preferences in design, furniture, lighting and accessories. You can buy the furniture yourself, or delegate that task to us.

Our day to day is to unite efforts, talent and the specialties of each of our professionals to satisfy the client, you.

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