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10 things YOU need to know about Buying a Desk

10 Things YOU need to know about Buying a Desk

I was once told that buying a desk (or more usually desks!) is merely a purchase of an anti gravity device to enable the pc/screen to not end up on the floor. Essentially this is true but there are some important things to consider when looking to kit out an office.Single Desk or Benching

Do you require single desk units or shared units to enable less components to be used and the ability to add more users in should the need arise.Cable Management

No cable management, a simple cable basket or a more sophisticated solution.

Leg Style
Basic cantilever, cable managed legs, sit stand or an aesthetic leg detail.

Cheap as chips with no certification or something to last with all of the British and European Standards. This is particularly important when you load the desks with IT, paper etc as let’ say some of the units on the market tend to move from side to side involuntarily!

Division Screen
Clamped to the desktop or structurally attached via brackets to the beam structure if monitor arms etc are to be hung from the division screens,

1 day, 1 year or 12 years! Generally most products are pretty robust but the better the warranty the more likely there is to be engineering support and a higher quality MFC worktop that does not easily chip will be used.

If your office environment is designed to send a message to staff and clients that you are serious about what you do then one of the excellent British Office Furniture Manufacturers will be more than adequate.

Previous Clients
If the dealer and manufacturer are able to demonstrate and ideally let you see/meet other clients who use the same product that you are planning on purchasing then this will add vital confidence that the products will arrive on time and to the right quality.

If the Environment is a consideration when purchasing then we would always suggest furniture that is manufactured here in the UK rather than imported by a UK company. British manufacturers are some of the best and lead the field in using every available material and process to ensure that as many components and raw materials are sourced as close to their manufacturing as possible. 

In my 12 years experience where installation is carried out there are a huge amount of installation companies out there but very few very good ones. The logistics and handling of the product is almost as important as the installation. Upsetting the other tenants in your building or damaging the interior of the building and furniture bringing the furniture in are all things to consider.

5 Things you didn’t know about Office Furniture Dealers

5 Things you didn't know about Office Furniture Dealers

Although speaking from experience of my own dealership but knowing many others in the 18 years I have been working in the Office Interiors Industry I thought I would share the following. Please note this is my personal view and experience and there are always exceptions.

  1. Contrary to popular belief we have a heart, a conscience and morals (not to be confused with other sales professionals).
  2. The majority of dealers have vast experience in the industry and can provide valuable (and mostly free) advice on property, workplace and current ways of thinking.
  3. As dealers are not aligned to just one manufacturing partner they can 99/100 offer a better overall deal (and service) than from going to a manufacturer directly as barely anyone in the global industry makes everything required to kit out a project.
  4. As most dealers run their own business they are accountable and always on hand for the all important day 2 service for any queries or top ups.
  5. If you treat us as part of your team as opposed to a seller of a commodity product driven by price alone your project will run more smoothly, have a better outcome for you and your staff and almost certainly cost less in the long run.

So the moral of the story is that if you would like to work with industry experts who have vast knowledge and expertise who will give you A1 service you know who to go to and as always we are always available to talk to you about ANY enquiry you have large or small.

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