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Decoration Trends this summer and The Bureau

These will be the key -according the world most important high street showcases- which dominate the decor trends for summer (and beginning of fall) 2020:

• Strong presence in the decoration of glare and reflective surfaces on objects and materials. Lacquered furniture and ultra-bright, glass mosaics, colored glass, doors and mirrored coatings, metallic ornaments, lighting glass and steel, plastic furniture and bright.

• The color of the year will be pink and its different shades. The light colors and neutrals are imposed, but are enhanced with reflective coatings or objects, leaving the minimalist “glossy” to decor in bright colors with a touch or presence of glare.

• Expect a return to the woods, specially the light toned ones as Hague, and light cherry tree.

• Again -as has occurred in recent years- the cutting edge technology will be important part of the decoration: avant-garde design televisions, projectors and multitasking computers (for watching movies, listening to music or surf the Internet) will be integrated interior design.

More than domotics, this will be a total integration of the technology to our services.

• The use of LED lighting schemes start to be widespread and consolidates as part of interior design. The general lighting stands out as a main character of the decor, mirrored plastic screens, glass and steel and high gloss are responsible of reflecting a good deal of light.

Cutting-edge lighting

The fixtures are decorative pieces of high performance, which can completely alter the design aesthetics of a space, the same is reflected not only the talent of the artist but the imagination and manipulation of materials available.

Since time immemorial has changed completely conscious lighting and materials implemented in development even before there was the electric light and the chandeliers are available as decorative pieces of high performance at all sites where they are needed, including vessels.

At present, thecreation of the led lighting delivers many benefits and may this technology is largely responsible for the structural changes more eloquent, low consumption and low cost, and delivery of course almost no heat, cause that material previously unthinkable are responsible for drawing up the fixtures.

In previous articles, we make special emphasis on the interaction of light with modern furniture, but in this case, decorative lights available on market are revolutionizing the morphology of the rooms, taking the corners that used to be very complex places in the decoration low usage.

The use of resistant but flexible material created so-called magic lamp, able to adapt their morphology depending on user requirements, ideal for cutting-edge available in offices or home schooling.

But not only creates innovative art pieces but morphology and relapsing forms reused as is the case of old bottles, cups, containers have even abandoned them decorated with subtle charm as our kitchen space.

Low-cost furniture with great creativity II

The chairs also are complex elements, not inclined to have money to buy solutions that aesthetically not adapt or second-hand models that require work to introduce into the project, a practical recommendation for trying to pass a rustic but modern ,

There you can take advantage of their own creations or purchase furniture so broad concept that can be moved to our indoor or outdoor spaces with equal beauty.

Found useful and insertion parts of a character belonging to rural or other furniture items as part of creativity in the art of decorating,

But is considered a professional or idealize it is complex changes in the network can filter or search images items clearly related to recycling, where the images as shown in character with virtually any device we develop a material item or piece for our decor.

Trunks lounge seating that hides our space in order to store, even tires with covers of wood, colored with synthetic paint and no solutions are more complex and intelligent economic,

Interior Fit out company and the bureau  Dubai Abudhabi 2020

Just as impaired at us to buy the felt rugs or carpet can be cut in an intelligent way and create a remarkable combination with simple elementos.sta where finesse is present through its delicate finishes with gimmicky ways.

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