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Techniques for decorating walls

When you think of interior design the walls are one of the first things that come to your mind. Actually the walls are a very important element in every home,

And the colors and textures that you choose for them will give a special touch to your home and they usually last for many years.

Like other decorations the walls depends on fashions, styles and especially on personal tastes. Here you can see the 3 main ways of decorating the walls based on the preferences of each person: Painting, Ceramics or Wallpaper.

1) Painting: the most used and practical technique. For paint the walls you can choose from a variety of colors and types (matte, glossy, bright) and with this election you can completely change the look of your room.

The painting gives you the great advantage that you can do it fast and cheap and its results can be seen quickly by everybody. Remember before painting that you must repair all those imperfections.

2) Ceramics: ceramics is general used for some parts of the house as the kitchen, bar or bathroom. However now you can find in many stores ceramics that are suitable for any room of the house like bedroom or living room. The best of ceramic is that this material requires no maintenance and is very easy to clean.

3) Wallpaper: with the wallpaper you have an enormous range of possibilities of designs and colors. Maintenance is very simple and you can clean it with water.

Give your house a new look

You would like to change your home, give it a new look, but you don’t know where to begin? Maybe you think that these changes are going to be very expensive and you are afraid you’re afraid that after you do not like.

For many people, decorating a home is usually a risky task and they prefer to leave everything as it is. However decorating could be a challenging and entertaining task if you have all the information you need.

First, you have to choose what rooms you would like to change: the living room, the bedrooms or maybe the kitchen?

After that you have decided in which rooms you are going to work you must think in the colors that you are going to use.

The color choices you make will be very important in the final result. Decorating your home allows you to express your personality so you have to choose those colors that you really like.

However is important that you know about the “Color Psychology”; every color has his own significance and they are related with specific emotions.

For example, colors in the red area of the spectrum or “warm colors” like red, orange or yellow evoke positives feelings of warmth and comfort and negatives feelings of anger and hostility.

In the other side the blues colors or “cool colors” like blue, purple and green are often described as calm but also with sadness or indifference. So if you will paint your kitchen maybe is better a “warm color” and a “cool color” for the bedrooms.

Decor ideas for a Modern Bedroom

After 1950 a lot of ideas of decorating styles have changed. This change consist in the use of neutral color palette, clean lines and the use of just few accessories.

This modern style prefers neutral colors than bright and varied colors that were used previously. You should decide a Modern Bedroom decoration if you like the things simples and practical.

The furniture of this type of bedroom is simple like platform beds with clean lines. The headboards are low and simple.

Dressers or chests complement the bed with nice and clean lines and without extra ornamentation. The quantity of furniture is just as necessary; you should include only functional items.

The color of this furniture is preferably dark brown, light brown, white or black. For the walls are better lights colors such as gray, white, cream or beige.

It also can be interesting if you use shades of different neutral colors. A good idea is adding splashes of color in a dark wall so you make the sensation of contrast.

For the walls you can also use blue colors and combine different walls with different colors but maintaining the same style.

For the floors the best options are hardwood or painted concrete. Also you can add a white or cream rug under the bed, this will give you a soft place to rest your feet in the morning and in the night. Finally never forget that what matters is that the room has your style and that you feel comfortable in it.

Decorate your bedroom Japanese-style

Japanese culture is a benchmark for current decorating trends. Because it’s sober reflection and a sophisticated print of warm air that fills every room of the house,

The bedrooms are usually chosen by western house owners to apply this decorative tendency. If you live in a small apartment or want to have a more original entrance to our bedroom,

It might be a god idea to replace doors with sliding glass screens divided into boxes with metal edges to prevent accidents in case of sudden rupture.

The floor is coated with melamine in ceramic-like colors, which transmit the feeling of having more space.

Also, people use to get rid of non- indispensable furniture and just keep few low-rise- sofas in order to have a sensation of not compressed area.

Consider getting a futon with a latex mattress lined with cotton that you can use as a sofa bed. Practicality and simplicity is what we want when we decorate in Japanese style

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You can also put a small screen to serve as a space separator and an indoors plant as bonsai, but not much more than that. Similarly, a couple of pictures, not very large, with motifs of flowers and / or “kanji” or Japanese symbols.

On lighting, this should be a yellow hue to be bottom up, due to the height of the furniture. Just a couple of lamps on either side of the bed or floor on the corner of the room would suffice.

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