All About European Curtains

European curtains can play an important role in interior decoration because they can reveal to the outsider something about the homeowner. This is incredibly important because people passing by can see the curtains through the windows.

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Somehow, a window that has blinds may indicate that the homeowner is cold and unfriendly. On the other hand, window curtains seem to signify that the people in the home are sociable. Macrame Ring Lace curtains from France are some of the best in European curtains.

Lace curtains are favorite interior decoration items because unique patterns could be integrated into the material. The pattern used could reflect on the character of the homeowner. Lace curtains also offer the advantage of being capable of augmenting the effects of the interior decoration.

European curtains for the kitchen and cafes may come in the form of lace valances. A valance is a short curtain that is designed only to cover a part of the top portion of a window. It may also be combined with other types of curtains as an interior decoration strategy.

Valances can also be utilized to soften the coldness of window blinds. They may even be used as the only form of window treatment as a way to make a room appear to be more airy and well-ventilated as compared to rooms with regular curtains.

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Of course, this would only be possible if privacy is not a concern. There are various kinds of valances, such as the jabot, swag, balloon valance, and pleated valance.

Swags are decorative elements that hang from two predetermined points on both sides of the top of a window. Important components of the swag are the tails that hang from both ends. Another kind of valance is the jabot, which offers a draped effect, is pleated and is commonly utilized as a frame for a line of swags.

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The length of the jabot usually ranges from half the height of the window to two thirds. The pleated valance can be a spaced pleat, a pinched pleat, or a box pleat. The pinched pleat curtain is also known as a French pleat in which the pleats are gathered close together at the base so a fan-like structure is formed. Typically, French pleated curtains look like hour glasses.

All About French Curtains

A balloon valance is provided with several layers of fabric for a fuller appearance. The valance is a favorite of homeowners who like to make their own decorations because they are reasonably priced and easy to make.

Another important application of European curtains is for the bedroom. Aside from making a bedroom look more attractive, curtains can also be utilized to prevent the daylight from getting inside the room in the mornings, minimize heat loss and drafts, and offer privacy.

They can also be used as a coronet bed drape, which is essentially a valance and curtains. The curtains hang down from a board high up the wall above the bed and the curtains drape both sides of the bed. European curtains are also popular for use in bathrooms.

These rich and luxurious curtains have replaced the thin and limp shower curtains of the past.

In fact, thick curtains with lavish designs can be used for interior decoration. A curtain constructed from a thick fabric and a complex pattern can be used to complement the decorative tiles, the bathroom space, and the shower.

The color of the curtain can be used to evoke the kind of mood that is desired. For example, bright colors can provide an atmosphere of fun while a dark curtain can be used to create a masculine ambiance. The sheer curtain is a popular type of decoration for windows to create a spacious feeling.

Nets and voiles are made from translucent fabrics and are utilized to reduce the intensity of the sunlight that gets inside the room. Because it has the disadvantage of being a poor heat insulator, the sheer curtain is often combined with thicker curtains so that the latter can be used during the night.

Traditionally, sheer curtains were only available in white and cream colors. However, the selections have been substantially broadened to include most of the other colors. Various patterns have also been made available, such as flowers, textures, stripes and rainbows.


Using closet curtains is a good idea for several reasons. Of course, for interior decorators, those with innate creative flair, or for those people who just have eccentric and unconventional taste, removing those sliding closet doors and replacing them with closet curtains is simply a way of expressing style.

If you have children though, replacing sliding closet doors with closet curtains is a safety consideration. You will be free from worrying about your child hitting his head on the doors, getting their hands stuck in between the doors or worse, getting trapped inside without you realizing it.

It will also be a lot easier to search for stuff inside the closet because unlike sliding doors, you will have complete and unobstructed access to your entire closet when the curtains are opened.

Outside of these, changing to closet curtains will remove the possibility of having those doors get stuck in the railings and you having to replace them, or having to hire someone to get them unstuck (if you can’t do it yourself).

There are those homeowners, however, who find that changing to closet curtains is a bit tacky. But there are tons of solutions available to make sure that the end result of this change is not done in bad taste.

In general, closet curtains are easy to install. Use flat sheets and hang them using a grommet gun, grommets, whatever hooks you prefer and an expandable curtain rod. Voila, you have an instant closet cover!

Some prefer to use shower curtains but that’s all up to the end user. You should make sure, though, that the size is just perfect for the space. It should drape fully to the floor and not hang midway or even part of the way. That would be nasty. Choosing the design on the sheet or shower curtain is purely subjective.

There are millions of choices out there. You can even make several closet curtains and just interchange them depending on your mood, your favorite color choices, the general décor of your room or even the season. Your theme can be romantic, contemporary, eclectic, hippie, shabby chic, nature or zen-inspired. The possibilities are endless.

This can definitely be one area you can use to continuously update the look of your room. No need to consult professional decorators! And they’re definitely a cheap makeover option. Plus, if you are more or less sold on the idea of closet curtains, you may opt to use a more permanent rod and drill them directly on the wall. This will be safer and sturdier in the end.

A more creative way of doing closet curtains is to make them yourselves. You not only address safety, maintenance and home decor concerns but you also provide a creative outlet for yourself!

A beaded curtain is a great project. You can choose from a variety of beads like acrylic crystals and pendants, plastic beads, chandelier, Christmas-themed beads, children’s toy beads, etc. Of course the choice of beads will depend on where the closet curtain will be located.

You can’t put glass beads or chandelier beads and make them closet curtains in your child’s bedroom or it would be a disaster. But a closet curtain made out of children’s toy beads (or small toys) is a really novel idea and your kids will love it!

A crystal or faux crystal beaded curtain will reflect the light in your bedroom and make it more interesting.

There are ready-made beaded curtains you can buy if you would like to use this option but are not keen on doing it yourself. Note, however, that if you do use a beaded curtain, you will have to make sure that the closet is presentable.

At the very least, it should have decent paint (even plain color will do) or shabby chic style paint and the wardrobe is neatly stacked. Otherwise, this area of the room, though “decorated” would be very unsightly.

You can also use your travel cloth souvenirs as closet curtains -tapestry, silk, batik, tie dye. This is a great way of showcasing your travel treasures. Just make sure the material is long enough to drape from top to bottom.

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