The word ‘design’ is multi-faceted. It may refer to plans, proposals or creative endeavors. Design surrounds us in almost every aspect of our life –homes, buildings, city planning, vehicles, art, theatre, clothing, fashion and toys. Even food has a design element, presentation. So, design is what makes anything functional, appealing and attractive. It has aesthetic functions that result from inspiration, research modelling, ergonomics and evolution.

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Decorating The House Professionally

Interior designing and decoration ideas are somehow the same but there is a difference in their application and use. Interior designing means chaniging the look of the house or the office regarding to the wallpaper, the finishing and the furniture. It involves the help and skills of an interior design professional or an interior designer. People hire the interior designer to give their house a new and elegent look. They help in making the design and decoration ideas and ads more beauty to the house using the decoration items. but all these items only changes the look, the do not change the structure of the house.

On the contrary, interior design ideas involves the change of structure of the house. It includes the procedures that help in changing the traditional design also and using the latest and innovative techniques and ideas. Both processes involves the expertise opinion and the help of an interior design company or a firm which can give better quality result. The ideas and the designs are made by the interior designer according to the choice of the customer and keeping their likes and dislikes in consideration. The interior decoration is the best way of changing the apperance and the design

of the whole house.Interior-Design04

The interior design firms gives many unique and attractive formats according to which one can ad more charm to the house. They have different interior design ideas that can be helpful in this regard. It is also very important that the customer tells his requirements clearly otherwise the design idea can fail to satisfy the needs of the clients. It will be also very helpful that you make a plan in your mind that how you want to decoaret your house and what will be the necessary changes. it will help to get the desired outcome and will also make the tasks easy.

It is also necessary that the interior designer shoud be an expert and is professional as well. Hiring a perfect decorator is very important because only he can implement the interior design ideas in a fruitful way. You can take his expert advice every single task of hoem designing whetehr it relates to the change of design of the entire house, or just renovating a specific room or decorating the dining room or the living area. professional help is necessary in both interior design procedures and the interior decoration ideas.

To some the sense of design is ingrained in their genes, while others acquire a design sense through study and training in the various disciplines.

The principles to be used will of course depend on whether one is looking at architectural, automotive, computer or machinery design, which are scientific in nature and have different aims, or communication design, which is applied to advertisements, books, magazines, websites and so on.

In the case of communication design, it must have a focal point, everything else being secondary. It must follow certain simple rules: the design must be simple and clutter free, it must represent clearly the theme or element for which it is in use, it must be functional and have a visual hierarchy. The size, colour, texture and types must be varied to create depth and contrast.

The keys are: alignment, proximity, repetition, and contrast. The spaces must create depth and the colours harmony. Good design is said to be 98% common sense. Although many designs can be improved over time a good design may not need changing.

Before a design is visualized, one must determine what it represents, its uses, the audience, the focus and goals. Every design should portray emotion and imagination – it must draw the eye time and again to its centre and elicit a response and be memorable.

Creativity, the ability to listen and comprehend what others have to say and absorb the very soul of the project concerned, are the qualities of a good designer. Design straddles many worlds—philosophical, scientific, as well as creative. In each world, design, like a potter’s wheel, gives shape as well as functionality.

For You: A Room With All The Trimmings

Just a simple necktie establishes the style of a man’s suit, trimwork often makes the most definitive statement about the style of a home. Simply put, very often the trim in a room speaks volumes, as the quality is very often in the detail or finish.

Very often those trimmings are constructed from medium-density fiberboard (MDF) because architects are finding this mateial has the inherent ability to outperform lumber in every important aspect. MDF, as its name implies, is made from wood and agricultural fibers. This means it has a much denser makeup and smoother surface.

Another advantage MDF has over lumber is that it offers larger maximum piece dimensions. This means that lengths of up to 16 feet are available with full thickness. There are no knots or splits to deal with and no warping. It is also lighter to work with (20 percent lighter) and a lot easier to caulk. What’s more, because trim is something that buyers look for in a new home, the advantages of MDF are something contractors and builders are very much aware of.

In addition to trim, MDF is popular for use in cabinets and often takes center stage in home theatres. High-end speaker cabinets, for example, are 100 percent MDF constructions because it is dense, rigid and acoustically inert. A properly designed MDF speaker cabinet will focus the maximum “acoustic energy” at the listener, while keeping vibration transmission to a minimum.

According to the Composite Panel Association, while MDF moulding is widely available pre-primed, it can easily be stained or laminated with printed foils and veneers. Also, it installs just like finger-jointed lumber, with the same tools.

Besides its beauty, of particular interest to homeowners is that moulding made of medium-density fiberboard costs about one-third the price of traditional solid or finger-jointed wood.

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