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Home owners as well as business owners want to decorate their home and offices in best and excellent way.

Usually they spend a lot of money on various expensive home and office decorating items. When it comes to home and office interior design, most of people think that changing the furniture and repainting the walls are the things that will make a big distinction.

Here are few effective Interior design ideas for home, kitchen and office that help to give a stunning look to your home, kitchen and office without breaking the budget.

Interior design ideas for home:

Instead of changing the furniture of your home, you just need to change the layout of the same furniture and see the difference. It will give a totally new and attractive look.

Instead of repainting the whole home, you just need to change the color of one wall of every room that receives excessive and direct sunlight.

Using the wall hangings, hand sketches, abstract paintings, and framed photos of your family on the wall of your bedroom give an exciting and attractive look.

Let discuss now effective ideas of interior design for kitchen:

Use the light colors if you have small kitchen. Remember that never use dark light for small kitchen because it make the place appear smaller than its real size.

You can decorate your kitchen with small plants. They always bring fresh feelings to the kitchen.
Well arrange the cooking stoves, sink and refrigerator.

Try to use the dishes, bowls, trivets and other kitchen items that best match with the kitchen theme.

Ever make sure that kitchen has sufficient lightning because insufficient and improper lightning make your kitchen appear cramped and dark.

Use kitchen rugs in order to give an attractive look to kitchen flooring.

Here are few effective Interior design ideas for offices:

Natural stone tiles give an attractive look to office flooring. You can also use office rugs if you want to give more attractive look to your office flooring.

Consider a public place in office if you will be visiting with partners on usual basis. Decorate the public place with more natural colors in place some personal images on the wall for inspiration.

Ever prefer the furniture for office that best fit with room size. Change the layout of old office furniture in order to give an attractive and totally new look.


It is very important for an interior designer that he must have all the necessary tools before he starts his work.

Even the interior design students must have the right tools so that the work should be done properly and at the right time. Keeping in view the importance and the availability of the tools, the designers have managed a tool kit where they place all the necessary tools.

The kit is very helpful for all the designers and home decorators because it is easy for them to get access to the items required easily.

The first most important tool that is needed commonly in the interior design jobs is the color wheel. It is mostly used in every single stage of the interior design process.

It helps the interior designer to make useful decisions regarding the paint, floor color, wall paper, furniture and all the other interior accessories. Other items in the tool kit include the graph paper, pens, pencil, ruler, yard stick, measuring tape and protractor.

These tools are very important in proper measuring of the edges and planning the interior design jobs accurately. Thumb pins are also very important item and they are used to hang the design plan on the walls.

Plastic wires, picture hooks, needles and pins are also needed in doing the interior designing. The map or the designs that are made are hung on the wall with the help of these items so that the designer can take a deep look at them.

The interior design tools help the interior designer in all his tasks and also provide support to do the work in a professional and well organized way.

The cutting scissors and the utility knife can also be useful in the interior design jobs. The saw can be helpful while working with wood and a good interior designer must have all these necessary items for completing his task successfully.

Best Interior Design Company in Dubai Hills 2020
Best Interior Design Company in Dubai Hills 2020

Another most important item in the tool kit is the professional glue. This is such a thing that a designer uses again and again. This gives great help while dealing with fabric or carpet.

There are also some interior decoration tasks that may include the use of razors so it is necessary for a designer to be fully equipped with all the tools and items before starting the interior design jobs.

All these tools are needed on regular basis and their availability is very important for completion of an interior design task.

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