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Decorate with Solid Wood

So far I have had a modern looking office. By modern I mean that the decoration of my office highlighted the plastic and metal materials.

To give you a mental idea of ​​how the office was decorated, nothing better than to give a quick description: the walls are painted white, except for one wall. This wall was painted blue, so the predominant color is white. One of the walls has two shelves, also white.

The table in my office is white glass, with small metal parts and the table legs are white plastic. With this you get an idea right?

At the time I wanted to have a minimalist office, with few colors and where the atmosphere was youthful and modern. At the end of the day, I work in an internet company so I identify a lot with that image.

What I liked the most about the fact that the color white prevailed was that as soon as I put any colored object it stood out a lot. I do not regret using this decorative style, but a few years have passed and I want to redecorate the office.

And since I don’t like walking around with halftones, I’ve thought about giving a complete turn to the office environment. I’m going to turn the page and change. I am considering a much more classic and elegant look. I have not decided on the color of the walls, but what I want the general line to be like.

On the one hand, I want to remove that minimalist and modern look, and turn it into a warm office, where there are many elements of wood and leather. The first thing to replace will be the office chair.

Outside the modern and functional chair, and welcome leather armchair. On the other hand I will say goodbye to my glass table and instead I will get a nice wooden desk.

That is the line that I want to follow. To give you an idea, it is a style of this here .

The reform will not be cheap. And I think the most expensive will be the shelves. Nice wooden shelves are not easy to find. But they will be great. Thus the workspace will have a much warmer environment.

I will also change the decoration objects. I have already spoken with a craftsman from Ben who is preparing several sketches for me to make some beautiful cases. Of course they will be made of wood.

I met him thanks to a common client. This craftsman was introducing new wooden wine cases. It is a level winery, and the presentation of its wines is taken very seriously.

So I went to meet them and there I met the craftsman, who presented them with the recently finished wooden wine boxes that would be used to expose the bottles in shops. And they were gorgeous.

So we got to talking and now he will help me with various decorative objects for the office. On the one hand I will have some cases to store the daily tools, and on the other it will take care of giving some touches to the shelves that I have in mind to buy.

As I have already mentioned, I have taken many ideas from Pinterest and also seeing the offices of suppliers and clients with whom I meet almost daily.

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Due to my profession, I have to move around a lot to visit different colleagues and I take advantage of how each one has decorated his office.

There is a little bit of everything, and it also depends a lot on the personality of the person who occupies the office. From what I see, most internet companies opt for the same style of decoration: youthful and casual.

I really like that type of office, but now I want to change the scene. So nothing, it’s time to paint the walls and change the old furniture for my new desk and wooden shelves.

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