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You have already spent time, money and resources, preparing your home with new paint, wall paper, tile, and carpet, or whatever it took to get to this point for what I call the finishing touch.

here are Few Tips to Design Your Work Space,

Let’s start one room at a time, first move everything out except your very large furniture pieces. Now sit down and look around, are you satisfied with your present furniture, if not consider reupholstering your furniture pieces or you may head out to a couple of furniture stores and check out there selections and prices.

Maybe you decide that what you have is fine, that’s okay. Whatever choice you make, if it’s new furniture, new fabric or keeping what you have; make sure it blends in color wise to your room.

Now you have the appropriate furniture in place, let’s look at your window and doors. Unless you live in the perfect year round climate or have the latest insulating windows installed, you may want to consider some form of curtains or drapes that will insulate from the cold and the sun.

There are fabric or vinyl curtains, wood or vinyl shutters, blinds and shades that may help. Windows and doors give you views and if you’re satisfied with these views, then take advantage of it. Expose your views by rolling up or sliding back or folding open your drapes, shutters or blinds. Of course these drapes, curtains, shades and blinds come in an assortment of colors and fabrics combos. So take heed and select an appropriate color combination. You can get additional tips by checking out certain stores that sell these products or get an interior design book to register some ideas. Enhancing the views, with these proper window dressings, will greatly improve the atmosphere within the room.

Okay, start to return slowly other pieces to the room, the largest objects first. You’ll know in your heart, what should go and what should stay. Try moving your items to different parts of the room; view them from different positions as well. Feel what is comfortable to the eye. Alright, we got these in place, hold it there, and let’s work on the wall décor items next.

Wall décor is anything that hangs from the wall except lighting and that to could be considered décor. So we can have framed art or art without frames or even open frames over a wall to give it a certain taste. Metal, wood and plastic can all be relevant in the creation of art hanging objects. Tapestry is a form of heavy woven cloth that can also grace your homes walls. You can have things like clocks, mirrors and other personal decorating touches put directly on the walls or on shelving of some sort.

In the placement of wall art, take your time and choose the proper eye height, have someone hold a picture while you decide on the location. If you’re working alone, use some painter’s wall tape, and then make an outline for your art piece, this tape removes easily. If you have several pictures, make some sort of arrangement depending on the size of the frames. Try different locations for your wall art décor till you got the right look and appeal, in the placement of your framed art.

Bring in your light fixtures, start with the larger floor lamps, then your table lamps, plug them in and turn on. Do you need any additional lighting, maybe an overhead fan with lights or perhaps wall sconce lighting, to brighten up a piece of art work. If you need more than floor or table lamps you might have to have some electrical work done. So think about that.

Everything else comes back in the room now; you may decide to replace a few things, that’ll be okay, try not to overcrowd your room. Proper placement and those certain decorative touches will improve your look.

Why Choose Luxury Garden Furniture?

For many years a deckchair was considered an acceptable piece of garden furniture for the average homeowner. How times have changed ! Not only is the garden an extended room of the home, it is also in recent years something that the British public are spending vast amounts of money on.

Gardening used to be a few bedding plants around the start of spring and a couple of chairs and a table. Then the television aired programmes such as ‘Groundforce’ where the concepts were not just plants and bedding but the whole ‘room’ idea. Decking was the fast becoming the thing to have. Now gardens have moved even further on, with the advent of efficient outdoor heating and a desire for hot tubs. Garden lighting is a must have now, even for the smallest gardens, and due to this the garden is now the space where British householders are spending much more time.

Pacific 12 Seater Dining Set

Even with our inclement weather, it is now possible with heating and lighting, to have your glass of wine on the terrace or patio. What could be nicer than sitting in a comfortable chair reading the newspaper and admiring the surroundings.

The last few years have seen the onset of some of the most beautiful luxury garden furniture ever created. The ranges covering all styles and prices. Unfortunately most of the furniture that is bought does not stand up well to the average British Summer. Even very expensive hardy Teak, needs an awful lot of attention every year to maintain it’s good looks. If you are lucky enough to have a garden shed to store it all away, this can cut down on maintenance but Teak is also extremely heavy so this is not an easy exercise and the ever popular plastic can look very shabby after a couple of summers if not cleaned properly.

Luxury Brando Garden Set

Now in the market place is the extraordinary new all weather rattan furniture. Not only is this furniture stunningly good looking, it is also hardy to the extreme. Top hotels choose this type of furniture above all other because of its practicality. Weather, even British, has no effect on a top quality all weather rattan. The optimum words there being ‘good quality’.

A luxury garden furniture set in this material will last for years and years, and requires no looking after except maybe a hose down if it gets dusty. It is lightweight, so therefore easy to move to any part of the garden should you be chasing the last of the evening sun!

We at Ikandi have chosen some of the worlds finest garden sets that define the description of luxury garden furniture. Are you looking for a three piece suite and coffee table in your garden? No problem check out our Brando Set. A daybed with a canopy for 2, then our Sentosa Daybed will be the one for you. For those lucky enough to be want a huge table and chairs, some of our sets such as the Pacific 12 Seater Dining Set, seat up to 12. All of these ranges are not damaged by UV rays, rain, snow or frost.

Luxury Daybed

These ranges are guaranteed for 5 years but will go on years after that. Nobody wants to be buying garden furniture every couple of years so our luxury ranges are a safe investment.

Roll out the lazy, hazy days of summer !

Lavish Penthouse Style

The stupendous penthouse at No.1 Hyde Park went up for sale at the mind boggling sum of £140 million. The 2 floor apartment has cost more than £6000.00 per square foot.The property is the brainchild of the Candy brothers, Nick and Christian.

With unquestionably one of the best views over London  from it’s floor to ceiling windows this apartment has the added bonus of security from  SAS trained bodyguards, bullet proof glass and a panic room. There is even a direct  tunnel to the London Mandarin oriental where the top chef Heston Blumenthal will be opening his first London restaurant.

Naturally with a property of this calibre there is an abundance of extras such as Spas and squash courts and the acclaimed car –maker McLaren is opening a car showroom on the ground floor.

The 24 hour room service should please any resident but should they wish to do their own cooking, which is highly unlikely, the local shop has quite a few fabulous things to try. The shop is Harrods. There is even a private wine tasting facility.

There can be no question that no expense was spared for the luxury interior fit out and judging by the photographs of some of the interiors published so far only the finest of furniture and fabrics have been used to give a really opulent feel.

Too give your property this luxury feel, albeit not the price tag, there are some fabulous products out there to create a similar look.

Reflection, gloss and shine denote luxury. Think gold, platinum and diamonds!!

Walls are easily given the luxury feel as there are some really incredible metallic wallpapers on the market now. For a really dramatic and striking look cover a wall with mirror glass. This is big designer trick that is not as expensive as it seems. It also creates an illusion of more space.

Mirror furniture is also a great look for glamour. The latest glass furniture is in grey, black ,bronze  and gold as well as the silver. The fabric of the moment is the slinky soft shine velvet for upholstery. If you can’t afford a new sofa or really love the sofa you have,  re-upholstery is a fantastic option. For real breathtaking luxury, high gloss leather is the absolute winner.

The neutral silver greys and pale bronzes are really successful. Add to that some silver stud detailing or even more outstanding, Swarovski crystal buttoning ,on sofas and chairs and immediately that creates an opulent look.

Silk hand tufted rugs are a great centre piece in any room. These can be made to correspond with your chosen colour scheme.

Add to this a glass top coffee on either a chrome or luxury wood base. Always have on your coffee table a selection of hard back reference books along with a couple of objet d’art.

Lamps are also a great way of creating drama and luxury. The golden rule here is to pick as large as you can go with table lamps. Very small table lamps look cheap.

The only small lamps that look good are buffet lamps of which you have two, one  at each end of a sideboard or large console table.

Centre lights and chandeliers are making a big comeback after spotlights. They really do give a luxurious feel, but again buy the biggest and best you can. Interior designers often use very large vases or sculptures to stand alone as a focal piece. This creates a very dramatic effect.

Finally add some large mirrors  and or prints in luxury frames and you have a room like the luxury London homes.

What’s Trending This Autumn?

We are very pleased and excited to introduce two new ranges of luxury furniture onto our site: the New York Collection from Jetclass and the Vendome Range from Selva. They are receiving a ton of attention from luxury-inspired furniture enthusiasts.

If you are looking for the latest contemporary, stylish furniture that is the buzz word for luxury home furniture, look no further than HIGH-GLOSS and WALNUT this autumn.

So, first up…

High-Gloss Furniture

High-gloss is so versatile and chic and will work with any existing colour scheme, so no need to go running for new wallpaper or paint brushes. The mere presence of high-gloss furniture will transform and revamp any room, not to mention become a talking point for your incredulous guests! If you don’t believe us, then check out a sample of the products we are proud to be offering below.

Tips to Design Your Work Space Dubai 2020
Tips to Design Your Work Space Dubai 2020

We are particularly smitten with this stunning, High-Gloss Desk / Dressing Table. It looks absolutely beautiful from all angles and is expertly hand-made in Portugal. The curvaceous lines and silver inlay make it a true luxury buy.

Some of our other high-gloss pieces include a Television Cabinet, a piece of furniture with the wow factor, a curvy Capri Glass and Silver Leaf Display Cabinet, a White Piano Gloss Dining Set, a jaw-dropping Bar/Cabinet with mirrored inners, and much, much more.

Walnut Furniture

We have a delicious range of walnut furniture – the current wood of choice – and when you see the Vendome Range from Selva, you’ll appreciate why. 

Walnut is known for being an incredibly durable hardwood that maintains a beautiful finish for years.

Not only that but we offer a variety of walnut finishes including dark walnut, cognac, antique walnut, india ink and dove grey, so you can match your walnut furniture with any current pieces. Simple.

We love this Walnut Console Table which is hand-made in Italy and oozes sophistication.

This Large Walnut Credenza / Sideboard is beautifully finished in a dark walnut wood with final metal detailing. A practical as well as handsome piece of furniture for the most stylist of homes.

Other pieces of walnut furniture on our site include an elegant Walnut Extendable Dining Table which stretches to a massive 340cms and would make a statement in any home, a really imposing Bergere Armchair, and a striking Half Moon Desk that would suit either a contemporary or traditional home office or study.

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