Most people decorate for major holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and Thanksgiving. Other people even decorate their homes for fall and winter, but few people decorate their home for the summer. There is no better time to spruce up your house than by decorating for the warmest season of the year. If you can’t afford to buy a vacation house on the beach, then turn your home into a summer getaway with a few great summer decorating tricks that work for houses of any size and shape, and in any location.



There is no better excuse than warm weather to spend the bulk of your time outside. This summer, decorate for the season by making your porch, patio, or yard an extension of your home. Arrange comfortable outdoor furniture in a way that invites guests to sit down and relax. Make it more comfortable by adding weather-resistant fabric cushions and pillows to outdoor chairs and couches. You get extra cool points for using brightly colored summer fabrics. Make sure all of the furniture you place outside is made for outside use. Indoor furniture will not do very well in the elements during summer, which means your lovely outdoor living space will turn into more of a disaster than a welcoming area for your friends and family to gather.

Your outdoor living space will look more complete with decorations. You can decorate the exterior living spaces of your house the same way you decorate the interior of your home. Add decorative tables, flowers, and other items that make the space seem more comfortable and inviting. An outside table means you can dine al fresco and enjoy cocktails or board games with the family as the sun goes down.


The items you use to serve your family and friends’ meals are just as decorative as the décor you use in your home. For the summer, you should opt to mix and match colorful dishes. Place a bright green bowl on top of a yellow plate and use blue napkins the next time you have a brunch or dinner party. Create a lovely tablescape by adding low bouquets of fresh, colorful flowers to the center of the table and adding a few colorful tea light candles around the bouquets of flowers.

Wrap silverware in colorful napkins and tie them with ribbon and a dried flower this summer. Serve beverages in colorful pitchers filled with fresh fruit to add flavor and décor to any meal. Instead of placing floral arrangements in a vase, try placing them in a large seashell or a beach pail to create a look reminiscent of any fabulous beach house.


Trade in your white candles for colorful candles in shades of lime, tangerine, and sky blue to create a summery look in all of your candle holders. Exchange the throw pillows on your furniture for pillows in a bright hue with a summery pattern, such as large flowers or bold stripes. Plant tiki torches in your backyard that will keep the bugs at bay and create a fun, summertime glow when you entertain guests at dusk.

Place seashells in glass vases to create a look that screams summer. You can even fill the vases with water and place flowers in them to create an even more decorative and elegant look. There is no shortage of ways you can decorate your home this summer season. Almost anything goes when it comes to decorating for summer. Just remember that bright patterns, bold stripes, and flowers are a great way to bring the summer inside.

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