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Solutions to delimit spaces

Because there are more options than the partitions to use to set the limits of the rooms in a house, we present you with original proposals to create different areas and make the meters of every corner of your house profitable.

These are some of the projects that we have carried out for our clients, each one is adapted to the conditions that a particular house presents, but without a doubt they can be adapted to our needs, and even some of these proposals can be carried out by yourself for your ease.

Build with libraries.

Built-in bookcases not only add character and storage to a room, they can also make a house look bigger. I think everything looks much broader with a library as a delimiter instead of a wall in use.

Eliminate the hallway and gain space. In this case, the passage area that connected the hall with the living room has been incorporated into the latter. Only one pillar remains from the dividing wall, which has been covered with the shelf. The Bañon Tapiceros sofa has been placed next to it to mark the limits. Do you want the look of these same pieces of furniture but your budget doesn’t allow it? I love that the shelves are readily available from affordable stores like Ikea, producing the same effect but at a lower price.

A very versatile wardrobe.

If your house has a loft distribution and the entrance leads directly into the living room, this idea will help you gain privacy, and at the same time, it is a great storage area. You can choose it in the same color as the walls and with discreet handles to integrate with the decoration or rather choose a dark wood color to give it a natural touch.

A half wall.

Replace the partitions that separate the living room from the kitchen by a wide bay with a low wall at mid-height. Thus, direct access is easier and the wall can be used to place the television or a picture while communicating with the kitchen.

Yes to sliding doors.

They are very useful when separating rooms when needed without taking away space. Here, for example, the blank model isolates the office from the dining room.

Multipurpose furniture.

A bespoke wardrobe with storage capacity on both fronts supplies the hallway wall. An ideal alternative to mini floors. Ideally, it has a bookstore on one side and cabinets on the other to take full advantage of all its functions.

Wall with ropes.

A wall has been made that separates the office from the rest area. For this, thick vertical jute ropes joined at the base have been used.

The construction process is very simple, the wooden base and ceiling planks were custom built with evenly spaced string-sized holes. The pre-cut sections of the strings are inserted through the top and tied at the base, allowing an internal knot to be tied to keep the string in place and taut. Finally it only remains to screw to close the bottom side of the board and hide the knots that are not very showy. The cost of the wall is quite affordable since the materials are cheap, but the end result is quite surprising.

Crystallized office.

An enclosure with iron and glass panels opens this work area to the hall and gives it light, thus the circulation is more fluid and the visual connection is maintained even if the doors are closed.

A la carte distribution.

Construction solutions are the main protagonists of this bedroom. As a headboard, a Pladur front has been made with a shelf that extends at an angle, as a dividing wall between the rest area and the dressing room. This low wall has been made with enough depth to accommodate two chests that complete the wardrobe area. Super complete.

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Everything in its place.

A half-length partition can be built between the sinks and the toilet. This will mark the distribution of the environment and also acts as a support for the flown worktop. They share the same micro-cement floor. A perfect solution to give privacy to certain areas.

Curtains or blinds.

They are a cheap (and removable) option to separate rooms in a timely manner. Use them in shared bedrooms or to delimit the bed and the dressing room.

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