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Starting Interior Design for Basements

To be a successful designer in the field of basement interior design, it may be useful to seek training to learn how to design specifically with basements in mind.

To do this, the interested designer could take specific training at an interior design school or could work with like minded professionals who are already qualified and credentialed in this specific form of interior design.

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Basements often have very specific geometric qualities and access points, and unlike other design projects, a basement interior design project may involve a fair amount of building construction, as well as, improving the quality of the walls and ceilings.

Design Considerations

Basements are always on the bottom of regular buildings, and usually beneath the ground. Basement interior design must, therefore, carefully consider how to provide sufficient lighting in lieu of natural light. Basements can have a tendency to be dark and dingy before they are redecorated by a designer.

A rather interesting corollary to this is that most basements do not have any windows. Therefore, it is most likely that in your average basement interior design project there will be no consideration of window coverings.

Unless, of course, your design calls for a faux window, in which case your basement interior design project may be rather more expensive than the average family would budget for.

Consideration should also be given to the purpose of redoing the basement. If your client is undergoing a basement interior design project to add a bedroom, play room or study, the set of design parameters are usually easily determined. However, if your client is an artist, things may be different.

Your artistic client may be embarking on a basement interior design project to develop a paint or sculpture studio, a practice dance floor or perhaps even a recording studio. In such circumstances your skills as an interior designer may be severely tested, as some interesting construction may be required.


Consideration of build out construction is included in most basement interior design projects. Sometimes this can include reconstructing the entrance to the loft, but most often it is about paneling the walls and closing in pipes and wiring.

If the basement is very large or the project is more than just adding additional living space, your basement interior design project may also include walls and doors as well.

In closing, perhaps the most important thing about a basement interior design project is considerations of cost versus value and necessity.

Best Interior Design Company in Umm Al Quwain 2020
Best Interior Design Company in Umm Al Quwain 2020

As you are effectively extending an existing structure, it is most likely that the property owner has a specific amount of funds allocated for their basement interior design project.

Unless your client is very wealthy, or an artist with a specific goal in mind, you must consider their budget as you develop your recommendations.

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