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Decorating a small room is one of the biggest challenges many families have in their homes today. Wanting to make this small space a rest and recreation room for the rest of the family can be frustrating and confusing for someone who does not know how to do it.

Here we leave you some low budget proposals to transform a small room, no matter what the budget is.

  1. First, we must determine if we really need to make our room appear larger. After all, what’s good about big rooms? Most of the time what we want to feel in our home or in our living room is that it is comforting and cozy, and that the people who enter that room feel it. That they feel wrapped in warmth upon entering, or that our room is charming, full of personality wherever you look.

It is better not to rush into assuming that a large room is always the best, because surely you know large spaces that are cold and unwelcoming. Be careful because you could be creating a problem where there is not.

  1. Make the most of a small room by making it cozy using only warm colors of paint or accessories. Cover the windows with colorful curtains or blinds and add cushions, blankets or bedding in the same color. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on these details, you just need a fabric and a curtain rod. We can make cushions or pillowcases ourselves. We will give it a special and personal touch, the end result of which will be very welcoming.
  2. Reduce clutter in a small room. This is the main problem within small spaces, but also the fastest to solve. Take a box and remove all the objects that are not in place. Reposition cushions, pillows, and blankets if they were not in place. Now that things gradually return to their being, it will be more clear what we need to touch up. The key here is moderation.
  3. Use large pieces. It is thought that in a small room you have to decorate it with small pieces and accessories, nothing is further from reality. On the contrary, using only a few large-sized pieces of furniture reduces clutter and gives us a broader view of the room. The same goes for wall decorations, if we are trying to make a room look bigger, put a large letter on the wall, or put a large rug, instead of small collections.
  4. A simple (and cheap) tip to make the rooms look bigger? Keep windows and glass clean and shiny. Believe it or not, more light will come in through the window and the mirrors will better reflect the light if they are clean, making the room look bigger, brighter and fresher.
  5. Paint only one wall in a garish color to add depth to the room. To do this we must leave the other walls white or a much paler version than our strong wall. Also note that cool colors like greens and blues tend to stay out of sight, while warmer colors like reds and yellows seem to close a room.
  6. With wall-to-wall shelves. Take advantage of every inch with a shelf that completely fills a wall. In order not to overload the environment, choose it with thin, although resistant shelves, which will make it visually lighter. You can also use shelves in those places and corners where we cannot place furniture. By putting shelves, you will take advantage of dead spaces, such as the hole under a ladder, the setback in the wall, the space above a door, the wall of the bathtub or shower …
  7. Lastly, remember to use as many multipurpose items in the room as possible to reduce clutter. A chest of drawers can hold a television and store all your magazines and games, a futon sofa can serve as a guest room, and a pine cabinet serves as a large coffee table and extra storage.
Best INterior Design Company in Ras  al Khaimah

Remember, it is not the size of the room that makes it small, it is the size of the heart that creates the environment. Show yours through personality and creativity, not money.

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