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Zen Interiors style homes

The application of Zen Philosophy knowledge in decorating requires a change in the established conventions in the same way the feng Shui does.

The use of colors is one of the main features of Zen. In the house colors should be white and different shades of beige.

The favorite materials for this decoration are natural wood, mainly beech and bamboo. Furniture should be simple to the extreme,

With pure and straight shapes, avoiding the sharp corners and the baroque, elaborated items. Preference is given to order, discipline and everything that contributes to it.

Key aspects of space should be the comfort, sobriety, abundant lighting and everything that helps fluid and smooth movement.

The result is a sensual, bright, soft and scented place which invites to meditation and peace.

The sitting room is the main area of the house and highlighted decor is allowed by the Zen Philosophy.

You can use mild-colored lights to inspire amplitude and carefully chosen objects could be placed in the floor or small tables, but only if the walls are smooth (not texturized).

In the bedroom should prevail the peace and purity, so plain smooth white walls results to be the best choice. Futon low bed is the ideal,

But a traditional bed also works. Do not use any headboard or iron decoration; a plain wooden table will be ideal.

Ideas for decorating a baby’s bedroom

It is important to note that babies grow fast, so that’s a good idea to try to avoid using baby exclusive colors such as pink or blue.

The best is to choose a palette of colors that are easy to redecorate as the kids grow. It is also advisable to avoid the use of items and colors that are trends, because they quickly become old-fashioned.

A great way to get inspired when decorating kids rooms is by inspiring in a children’s storybook or themes related to nature.

You can decorate the walls using vinyl or decorative stickers that are a very practical option and very easy to remove if you want to redecorate.

Decorating with darker colors like red, gold and black, will give the kids room a more sober and exotic image, but not too childish, though.

A cradle of wood, unpainted, painted or varnished only, combines perfectly with these colors.

There are some contrasting colors that look great in a room for babies. A range of very pretty and contrasting pink and green will blend well.

These colors have the gift to survive the baby’s growth. A baby girl will always feel comfortable with these colors as she grows.

Best Fitout and Zen Interiors Architects in Dubai UAE 2020

An all-time classic in kid’s room decoration is the animal-inspired decor. All babies and children love animals. Decorate babies’ rooms with white furniture and toy animals is a very good idea and easy to change.

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